Tucked in the southern laps of the shimmering Aegean Sea, Santorini justifies its reputation as the Queen of the Cyclades and its myth for an ideal Santorini Greece vacation place.

Indeed, the magnificent crown jewel on the tiara of the Mediterranean Sea is incredibly hypnotic and almost impossible to resist.

Sweeping visitors’ feet away with its unique volcanic terrain, featuring black, white, or red volcanic-sand shores, the beautiful, whitewashed architecture, the blue-domed churches overlooking the greatness of the archipelago, the internationally acclaimed wines, the exquisite local gastronomy, and some of the most romantic sunsets ever seen by human eyes, Santorini feels like a fantasy land. And, although the list with the things that can make you fall in love with this regal Greek offspring is nothing close to short, expect to be head-to-toe infatuated with the following:

1. The extraordinary Santorini volcanic landscape (and the story behind it)

Nowhere else on this planet can someone find a place that has found the most glorious way to prove that we can, indeed, rise from our ashes. Once a thriving commercial and trade key location in the Mediterranean, Santorini’s fate brought her close to total extinction, after a massive and catastrophic volcanic eruption that nearly wiped the island off the map, affecting the climate of the entire Earth.

And, although most of its population was forced to leave their homeland for good, since nothing was left for them other than lava, ashes, and volcanic soils, some islanders made it their life’s purpose to rebuild their lives on their beloved island. From what it seems, they did a pretty good job!

Today, many visitors plan a Santorini Greece vacation only to experience living in stylish cave houses and luxury lava rock-carved suites enjoying captivating seascapes and views of the imposing Caldera.

Everywhere you look, you see the impressive remains of a natural event that could have turned Santorini into a barren land that nobody finds any interest in visiting. Nevertheless, its glory, allure, and appeal are simply unbelievable, especially as you make private Santorini trips to the stunning volcanic crater, the healing Hot Springs, and the archaeological site of Akrotiri, whose findings have linked Santorini with the myth of the lost Atlantis.

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2. The unique beaches

If you fancy sandy shores and sugary beaches, then Santorini is not a suited summer destination for you. But, if you welcome the quirky and the exclusive, then you will, undeniably, find your heart’s content here. Adorned with black, white, or red pebbles or volcanic sand, the Santorini coastline is one-of-a kind.

Feel free to take a rejuvenating dive in the crystalline waters, explore the even-more-amazing aquatic cosmos via snorkelling or scuba diving ventures, soak up some sun rays, enjoy a refreshing cocktail, or even pamper yourself with a relaxing massage right on the beach, with fantastic seascapes spreading in front of your eyes. Embellished with beautiful and rugged cliffs and red-hued rock formations that blend with the cobalt of the Mediterranean sky and the azure of the sea, beaches like Perissa, Perivolos, and Eros are some of Santorini’s best seaside assets worth visiting.

We welcome you into a new traveling reality where pure leisure becomes a holistic cultural event that involves all the senses. We are dedicated to turning you into a true local, designing premium, customized traveling scenarios for small, private groups. Design your own travel scenario in Greece with Be A Greek!

3. The breath-taking sunsets of Santorini – The best reason for a Santorini Greece vacation

As you wander through the narrow, cobblestone alleys of scenic Fira, Oia, Imerovigli or another picturesque village dotting the pristine Santorini scenery, be prepared. As soon as the sun starts sliding behind the horizon, painting the chalky-white facades of the cubic-shaped houses and the milky, blue-domed chapels, with shades of warm oranges, fiery reds, and glamorous gold, an unforgettable light show begins. It is the time of the day when the senses take over, allowing you to delve into your deepest emotions and filling your very existence with views very few get to see in a lifetime.

No wonder most Santorini holiday packages include or strongly recommend a sunset cruise or tour. Numerous couples have chosen the adorable Cyclades queen to tie the knot or ask their partner for a life-long commitment! Can you blame them?

4. The ultra-pampering experiences from stylish accommodation

Those considering a travel in Santorini, Greece already know that the luxury levels provided by the popular Greek island have reached unprecedented levels. Indeed, you will find exceptional 5-star hotels, exclusive resorts, lavish cave suites, and private villas offering sublime amenities that include anything from private dining options, private pool, Jacuzzi, and spa treatments to ravishing views of the glistering Aegean Sea and the Caldera. Whatever the desire, just ask. You will get your wish granted for sure.

5. The archaeological site of Akrotiri

Even if you are not much of a history aficionado, a short drive to the ancient settlement of Akrotiri will reward you in more ways than one. Its significance lies beyond the historical aspect, though.

Take your time and listen to its narrative and you will soon be amazed by the volumes of details whispered in the wind. Akrotiri was a bustling Santorini hub and the centre of trade in the Mediterranean, connecting Greece with Egypt and other far-away countries. During the massive volcanic eruption that took place in 1600 BCE, Akrotiri was buried under tons of lava and lava ash, which preserved the location in excellent condition.

Excavations to the site reveal pioneering activities, such as constructions with underfloor heating, impressive mosaics and artistically-painted walls and edifices, well-organised community structures, and indoor baths, when the rest of the world was building huts. Of course, its location on the tip of the island also makes Akrotiri perfect for serene sea-front adventures with tranquillity and peace of mind.

6. The palate-exploding local wines

One would expect that such a natural-catastrophe-battered place would be nothing but volcanic rocks, solid boulders, and barren land. On the contrary, though, the very volcanic ash that has caused the destruction of the island’s life as its residents used to know it, is the reason why the Santorini wines have been winning award after award for their unique flavours, aromas, and tastes.

We strongly recommend Assyrtiko, Mavrotragano, Aidani, and Mantilaria – all wines made from indigenous grape varieties. And, if you want to take in the full experience, why not opt for one of the many Santorini private tours to the most famed Santorini wineries, such as Santo Wines and Venetsanos Wineries!

Combining a wine-tasting and wine-making adventure will give you the opportunity to sample local delicacies and Santorini dishes paired with some of the best wines in the world, with gorgeous views of either the enchanting inland or the vastness of the archipelago. Could a human soul possibly ask for more gratifying moments?

7. The local cuisine of Santorini

Besides the mouth-watering fresh fish and seafood options, the Mediterranean gastronomy, and the delicious Greek salads and spreads (see tzatziki!), Santorini will create a culinary explosion to your taste buds, with local ingredients and comfort foods like:

– Fava (creamy, yellow, split-pea puree served with lemon and olive oil)

– Ntomatokeftedes (tomato fritters made with cherry-size Santorini tomatoes and mixed with aromatic herbs, mint, onions, and peppers)

– White eggplant (a rare product with fewer seeds than common aubergine, and a sweet taste)

– Kopania (ball-like traditional Santorini sweets sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds)

– Melitinia (local sweet cheese pie made with mastic powder, sugar, and fresh Greek mizithra cheese)

– Apochti (air-dried pork loin mixed with cinnamon, pepper and vinegar that accompanies fine wines exceptionally, especially red ones).

– Capers (locally grown, sun-dried, and used to spice up dishes, such as cuttlefish, as well as salads and sauces)

With so many traditional tavernas and restaurants perched across the island, either atop the Caldera cliff or a beachfront location, you are bound to give yourself a nice pat on the pat with your gastronomic choices.

Final Thoughts about a Santorini Greece vacation

Of course, a Santorini, Greece, vacation is far from over just yet. Add to all the above the sunset cruises, the cooking classes, the water sports facilities, the entertainment options, the local festivals featuring live music, feasts, and friendly locals, and the rugged terrain that invites to unforgettable horseback riding adventures or Jeep safaris, and perhaps, your molecules will gradually start feeling invigorated as you get a glimpse of the dream that has a name – Santorini.

At Be A Greek, we help you create your dream vacation in Greece without any hustle. There are countless ways to plan your vacation in Greece and we are here to provide you some of the best Greece vacation packages, tailored to your own needs and keeping up with your own pace.

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Are you searching for the ultimate honeymoon spot or just craving a romantic getaway? Then a Greek islands holiday is just what you need. Whichever island you land on, you’re sure to enjoy everything from charming villages to beautiful beaches, renowned resorts, and more. Dance and dine among the locals as you create memories you won’t soon forget.

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back beach trip or want to explore the nightlife, Greece has everything your heart could desire. So if you’re ready to start planning your next vacation, here are the best Greek islands for couples.


With its award-winning dining and picturesque villas, Mykonos is an ideal destination for couples looking to live a life of decadence. You can dip your toes in crystal clear water at the famous Psarou Beach–where your chances of seeing a celebrity are high. If Psarou Beach feels too upscale you can hit up Paradise Beach for lively party energy.

Looking to beat the summer crowds?

Pay a visit to Agia Anna Beach 2 where you can swim and visit the local tavernas in peace. Indulge your taste buds with traditional Greek delights in famous restaurants where you can watch the sunset over the water as you sip Greek Mojitos. If that’s not your vibe, you’ll find plenty of tasty street food vendors to enjoy and feel relaxed. Nightlife in Mykonos is booming with excitement–so plan to dance until the sun comes up at one of the many local clubs.

best greek islands for couples


If you’re a couple who craves adventure, Santorini is the island for you. You’ll enjoy spectacular views as you embark on memorable hikes, breathtaking boat tours, and more. A trip to Santorini is not complete without visiting the iconic Volcano island where you can take a romantic dip in the hot springs. If you consider yourselves wine connoisseurs, then a local winery tour at sunset is a must.

Looking for something unique?

Take a trip to the ancient ruins of Akrotiri where you can marvel at what’s left of the mysterious old settlement. Dining and dancing are in no short supply either. Spend your nights dancing in Fira or enjoy delicious Mediterranean food at famous cocktail bar restaurants.

You should be aware that a trip to Santorini Greece is a unique chance to enjoy the spectacular sunset and get memorable photos with your beloved one.  Our team will help you to plan your trip to Santorini and get through all the necessary procedures to visit this wonderful greek island and get the most out of your holiday vacation package in Greece.


Discovery place of Venus de Milo–the armless statue thought to depict the goddess of love, Milos is one of the best Greek islands for couples. Old volcanic rock gives the beaches here a unique look and the nearly turquoise waters are sure to capture your heart. You can fill your days with sailing, swimming, and scuba diving all while you learn about the island’s history of Pirates. For a romantic activity, try sipping wine together at the Kostantakis Cave Winery–a long-running family winery with a stunning backdrop.

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As the largest island in Greece, there’s no shortage of fun things to see and do together on Crete. You can walk hand-in-hand through the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, where you’ll enjoy an impressive collection of art and artifacts. Or take a leisurely stroll through the colorful harbor city of Chania. In Chania you’ll find the Venetian Lighthouse, Market Hall, and endless rows of beautiful architecture. Be sure that Crete is one of the best greek islands for couples where you will have fun in many different places and be able to enjoy many different summer activities.

Feel like learning something new? Take an authentic Cretan cooking class with a local family. Crete is also home to several white sandy beaches including Balos Beach, Preveli Beach, and Matala Beach, just to name a few.


As far as Greek island holidays go, it’s tough to beat Zakynthos. You can travel to Navagio Beach where you’ll find a historic shipwreck surrounded by exquisite waters and white sands. For active couples, you’ll enjoy activities such as horseback riding on the beach, hiking through various trails, and dancing the night away at the iconic Zero’s Club. If clubbing isn’t your speed, have a laid-back day at a local coffee shop as you will find various choices throughout the island.

best islands in greece

Explore Greek Islands Holiday Packages With Be A Greek

Are you ready to experience all that the Greek islands have to offer? Between sightseeing, adventures, and nightlife, Greece has a little something for every couple to enjoy. If you’re interested in learning more about the Greek Islands or want to explore Greek Islands holiday packages then Be A Greek has you covered. We pride ourselves on crafting vacations that are tailored specifically to you and your interests. Never let a vacation go to waste again. We can help map out the perfect romantic adventure so that you can make memories to last a lifetime. Contact us today to get started on your dream Greek Islands holiday. To keep up-to-date with all things Greece, don’t forget to follow us on Social Media to see our latest updates.

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Planning a trip to Greece for this summer?

You will find that there are a bunch of options to consider and many destinations to go.

It means that your planning will be extremely overwhelming and may add some anxiety to get the most out of your trip to Greece.

However, it’s crucial that your planning will be accurate so that you will not just be hanging around but really enjoying your trip to mainland Greece or Greek islands.

So, in this guide we will cover the most important steps you have to follow planning trip to Greece and avoid pitfalls during your time here.

Don’t be afraid or anxious! It is certain that you will have a great time in Greece and there is no case to regret for your summer vacation choice.

Why should you choose a tailored Greek holiday package?

When you plan a trip to Greece, expect to be captivated by the rows and rows of bougainvillea as you meander through narrow streets and squint your eyes at whitewashed buildings reflecting the glow of endless sunshine. With 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you’re spoiled for choice. Explore the mainland and its hilly outcrops or let your wandering feet make their way to the docks to ferry off to one of the nearby islands.

To make your trip worthwhile, it helps to know a few of Greece’s ins and outs.

There is several stunning sightseeing in this country and you should be aware that you will be able to come in close view with some of the best views of your lifetime: warm sunny skies, islands in bluish colors, unique traditional dishes in small restaurants next to the beaches and nice small villages surrounded by exceptional landscapes among seas and mountains.

So, are you still curious why you should plan a trip to Greece for this year?

Is Greece a summer destination?

When you are thinking about Greece, its’ a common sense to think about the breathtaking views of white & blue at Greek islands, turquoise seas, and exceptional beaches.

Greece is well known for the Aegean islands. Some of them, like Mykonos, Santorini etc. are top worldwide destinations and this is a reason to visit Greece in summer.
plan a trip to Greece

Summer vacations are popular in Greece and while some might not enjoy the crowds, it’s a good time to immerse yourself in tourist culture and enjoy the vibes, especially the night life. June is one of the warmest months of summer, and you can expect temperatures as high as 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

For those who want to beat the crowds and still experience the long, warm days, spring and autumn are terrific. Temperatures can reach as high as 30 degrees Celsius (87 degrees Fahrenheit) on hotter days, however, expect comfortable weather around the 25-degree C (77-degree F) mark during the day.

You should be aware that July and August in Greece and especially in Greek islands are some of the busiest months with temperature peaks. So, if you want to avoid high temperatures and extreme tourist crowds, maybe June and September are the ideal months to planning a trip to Greece and enjoy Greek islands life.

How to get to Greece?

In most of the times, people visiting Greece are landing to Athens. However, you should be aware that there are also a few other international airports such as Santorini, Corfu, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, etc. Also, Greece is a land with magical seas, and you could arrive to most of its destinations through cruise ships or private yachts!

Best places to go during your Greece vacation

In Greece, you could find some of the most marvelous and interesting places throughout the world.

There are thousands of islands: The Greek islands are a major draw card for tourism, however, only around 200 of them are inhabited. For the romantic, there’s Mykonos and Santorini and for those who want to wander off the beaten path, Tinos and Milos are great options. Access to the islands usually happens by boat or ferry and it’s worth noting that the area that spans the Greek Isles is vast. A journey to the outlying islands can take up to ten hours.

Be aware that there are many places worth visiting in Mainland Greece which is made of beautiful cities and villages placed around exceptional landscapes.
plan a trip to Greece

As mentioned above, the most well known islands of Greece is Mykonos and Santorini, belonging in the Cyclades Group of islands and standing above the most preferred summer destinations in the world. Thousands of tourists visit Santorini and Mykonos each year to get a close view of the dreamy sunsets and enjoy unique nightlife and nice tours.

There are also many beautiful islands in the Cyclades Group, such as Naxos, Paros, etc as well as the vast island of Crete which is a very popular place for hopping during the summer months.

A quick vacation is simply not enough to experience all the marvels Greece has to offer and planning a Greek vacation will have to include all the elements you wish to experience. A few must-haves on your list should include:


A trip to Greece should include the capital Athens, named after the Greek goddess Athena. There is no shortage to historical marvels in this city. From the Acropolis to the Acropolis Museum, Parthenon, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and everything in between, most of these destinations can be visited in a day. There are also religious sites, museums, theaters, and art galleries to consider. For those who want to immerse themselves in local culture, Athens offers a vibrant nightlife that offers a good club scene and for families, a variety of restaurants and child-friendly activities.


A popular tourist destination, Rhodes offers pristine historical architecture and is considered the most popular of the twelve Dodecanese islands. Must-see attractions include the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes and the Monolithos Castle. It also happens to be Greece’s sunniest destination with its 300-plus days of sunshine. Paved streets and a smorgasbord of cuisine keep tourists coming back for more.


It’s a luscious mix of dazzling nightlife and by day, a family-friendly destination filled with beach trips, the picturesque Mykonos town, great shopping locations, and of course, the great weather. There’s a general air of fun and energy, and for those who want to take advantage of the stunning azure waters, a boatload of water sports.


It is likely to have seen many photos from Oia or Imerovigli when you are looking for information about Santorini. The Santorini sunset has been a source of inspiration for hundreds of artists around the world.
You will be surprised by the infinite domes that appear in every corner, since in Santorini there are more than 80 churches. It’s amazing that you can discover many places and paths to go through and be amazed by the unique beauty of this world class landscape all over the edges of Santorini Island.


Of course, you can search through the Internet and find a bunch of information about all these islands, but we are here to help you have it all organized and create your summer experience by crafting your own unique customized travel package.

At Be A Greek, we help you create your dream vacation in Greece without any hustle. There are countless ways to plan your vacation in Greece and we are here to provide you some of the best Greece vacation packages, tailored to your own needs and keeping up with you own pace.

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You do not need to spend hours looking for all the different destinations in Greece and trying to combine some of them throughout your available days here. We will create your vacation package from scratch and will choose the program corresponding to your own needs and your own preferences. Just drop us a line and we will design your trip to Greece!

How many days should you stay in Greece?

It’s possible to explore the major tourist attractions and still explore an island or two in a week. This gives you enough time to take in the highlights of Greece and still enjoy lazy afternoons on the beach. Stay a bit longer to explore more of the islands and if you want to give mainland a go. Greece also offers great hiking tours, rock climbing, and paragliding if you want to expand activities beyond the beach.
plan a trip to Greece

Key Facts to know about Greece

You may have heard of the Hellenic Republic: While Greece is known to foreigners, inhabitants of Greece refer to the country as Hellas. If you refer to Greece as the Hellenic Republic, you wouldn’t be wrong!

Endless summers: Expect balmy summer evenings for most of the year. Greeks enjoy over 200 days of sunshine which is perfect for sunbathing and sightseeing.

You’re vacationing on an active volcano: If Santorini is your destination of choice, you’ll undoubtedly notice the lush landscape thanks to the volcanic soil. The only downside? You have to plan a Greece vacation on an active volcano!


In Greece you will not have a problem to find people speaking English and get in touch with them! The national language is Greek but in the most cases and especially in high traffic islands, you will just be ok in English language. While many Greeks are accustomed to tourists and try to help when there’s a language barrier, knowing a few key phrases and greetings will help you along the way.

So, just try to learn some Greek words like “Kalimera” (Good Morning), “Gia sou” (Hello) etc.

What about money in Greece?

The official currency of Greek state is the Euro. You can of course pay by credit card under almost any circumstances and bring just some cash in case of an emergency.

Why you should consider travel insurance?

Greece is safe even for female travelers looking for an adventure, however, there are incidents of pick pocketing in tourist destinations. Keep your mobile phone and purse out of sight, and don’t leave valuables such as luggage in your hire car. It’s also worth noting that the Greek healthcare system is first class for those with private healthcare, however, the public healthcare system may be a source of concern for travelers. If you need medical attention, you want the assurance of private healthcare.