From the 70’s towards the mid 00’s.

Here is a story which we think you might enjoy. Back in the day, there used to be this inside-joke rumor that whoever took a flight to Greece (or Italy for that matter, because this apparently requires Mediterranean DNA) had to be prepared to lose their luggage, unable to claim it back. Now, was this really the case? Well, for the purposes of this story, let’s say that it was (it definitely wasn’t).

Poor luggage! Imagine the loss! Imagine this poor lonely bikini than never dived in one of Greece’s jewel-toned beaches. Imagine this unlucky pair of colorful bell-bottom pants that never got to dance till morning in the Greek-taverna fiesta. Imagine this poor flower-patterned shirt than never had the chance to be stained by a fancy cocktail at this monumental party on the beach of Crete. Imagine the sandals that never fulfilled their dream to gloriously step on the holy rock of the Acropolis.

Now, take a moment and think. (Bear with us, we are Greeks, we enjoy some philosophy.) Is it our belongings that enjoy the experience? Or is it us? (Rhetorical, right?)

Through the decades, the rumor of ghost luggage has faded. The stunning experiences have not. On the contrary, from a picturesque country to a holistic traveling experience, Greece travels through time graciously, perpetually updating its generous storyline.

‘Be a Greek’ will seamlessly guide you through the Greece of your dreams connecting the past and the future with respectful traveling culture. Thank you for joining us in this continuous journey.