You talk. We listen. We talk. Oh! Wow!

We carefully study your traveling dream and simply take you there, whoever you are, wherever ‘there’ is. We are good listeners. And thinkers. And doers. And we care. All we need is to discuss the necessary clues to study your traveling dreams and then present you with a well-designed scheme to wow you. We are also travellers of the world like you; we understand; we share the same dreams and expectations; this is how –and why– we do it.

Passion, vision, passion.

It’s not a typo. Passion comes first and wraps it all up. Ours is to create a panorama of landmark memories, connecting people, feelings, stories and places. In Greece, family is a state of mind – and heart. It’s in our true nature to treat our travellers like our own, to make them soak in the true meaning of togetherness and feel like a true local living in the moment. We welcome you into a new traveling reality where pure leisure becomes a holistic cultural event involving all the senses.

We feel grateful for the thousands of travellers who have trusted us so far to explore the unmatched beauties of Greece; the love of our customers inspires us to keep working on our big-picture dream for a global family of travellers.

Ethos, feel-goodness, authenticity,
team work, excellence.

We may be the opposite of cliché and always skip the road most taken but we also take pride in being traditionally professional. Our travellers comes first; and last; and anything in between. We stay true to character and build lifetime bonds with integrity, consistency, openness and a signature smile, delivering a high-end traveling service which exceeds our promises and your dreams. Or your money back.

our people


Our company values
and community.
And co-martinis
at cocktail hour.