We are sky. We are salt.

we are traditional and forward.

We are Be a Greek.

Antonis Chatzis Founder & CEO

"Let me show you what it really feels like to be a greek!"

Half from Athens, half from Tinos island, naturally connected to the sea and always on the move around the globe. Strongly believes that engaging with the locals is what makes traveling a life journey.
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Dimitris Moutafidis Founder & Lead Travel Designer

"It’s the little things that make Greece, Greece; the subtle differences between being Greek and living hellenic."

Born and raised in downtown Athens, a typical modern, old-fashioned Greek. An avid traveller, started flying at the age of 6 and never stopped since. Never says no to good company and a good wine.
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Bianca Zarnari Chief Operations Officer

"Let me be a part of your life for a while! Let's discover Athens together!"

Happily immersed in operations, an enthusiastic and compulsive tour leader. Also, a fanatical tennis player that never says no to a good book. Believes that traveling can change you into a better version of yourself.

Dimitris Mantelos Travel Designer

"Follow the journey, live the experience!"

With a 26-year experience in creative travel design. A keen History explorer, deep into culture and art - including greek culinary art.

Effrosyni Parasyraki Operations Specialist

"For a memorable journey, it feels good to be ‘lost’ in the right direction…"

Adventurous and passionate about traveling and trying new things, in love with different cultures and languages, who also happens to be a cinephile and a gourmand.

Dimitris Katsoulakos Licensed Tour Guide

"Visit the past with a fresh eye, combining History and contemporary thought!"

A true, pure Spartan, appreciating authenticity, simplicity and efficiency. Enjoys diving into History, enthusiastically revisiting the past to draw inspiration for his creative writing.

Dora Bekiari Licensed Tour Guide

"Looking for joy in everyday life is the most serious quest! My tip: travel light!"

Artistic in nature, a compulsive storyteller, an amateur painter, an authentic memory creator, always enjoying a good wine. Life is a journey, from a to b, moment after moment.

Efi Antoniou Licensed Tour Guide

"Who says that Greek History cannot be revisited with contemporary style?"

“Efi” is short for “Efthymia”, a greek name which freely translates into: “in a joyful mood”! Do the math! Also note that Efi’s nickname is “efficiency” - and feel free to find out why. It usually only takes a minute.