Widely known for its pristine shores and wholeheartedly beloved for its unique, volcanic landscape, Milos is one of the most hypnotic Greek island destinations, visited by thousands of tourists annually.

The place closely tied to ancient goddess Aphrodite (Venus de Milo), a life-sized statue of whom from the finest marble was discovered in the early 1800s (now hosted in the Louvre museum), is a far cry from anything vibrant, animated, or wildly partying.

And, that’s precisely its unbeatable beauty, as it offers genuine Greek island endeavours, featuring peaceful Milos holidays, an exotic terrain, secluded beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle than enables you to enjoy life as it was meant to be experienced. The following guide will give you a quick glimpse into the excitement and soul-gratifying ventures that await when planning your holidays to Milos, Greece!

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Best Milos beaches to enjoy the sun and watersports

Although extremely challenging to choose just a few of the over 70 different shores worth visiting in Milos, some of the ones you should stop by, even if only to admire the crystalline turquoise waters and spend some quality time on pebbled or powdery shores while resting your eyes on the most breath-taking sea views are as follows.

It should be noted that most of the shores on the island are natural, wild, and umspoilt, with only a few of them providing tourist facilities like umbrellas, beach bars, or tavernas. So, do pack some snacks and water and bring some beach essentials, just in case!

Sarakiniko Beach

Hugely popular for its lunar-like landscape, it dazzles with its unique terrain and the mystery and adventure wrapped around its lands, as they are believed to have been a pirates’ hideaway back in the day.

Don’t come here for water sports and swimming ventures, though, as the beach itself is quite tiny. However, you can always enjoy the clear waters and the calm, snorkeling-perfect sea if you wish (look for the Sarakiniko Ship Wreck and thank us later!).

Sarakiniko Beach is mostly visited for its idyllic and imposing white rock formations, whose volcanic cliffs are featured at almost every Milos photo.

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Kleftiko Beach

Arguably, one of the most iconic Milos beaches hosting an equally enticing landscape as the one at Sarakino Beach.

This isolated bay is perfect for snorkelling (the area is full of sea caves, boat trips, and underwater rock arches) and is, no wonder, an always-included stop for most Milos tours and sailing trips. Kleftiko Bay is also an excellent option if you love hiking because you can get there on foot if you so desire (there is a hiking trail to follow)!

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Thiorichia Beach

Once a region hosting sulphur mines, Thiorichia Beach is a charming sulphur-rich shore with a stunning setting and a small 1900s settlement (which includes everything from power plants and warehouses to administrative offices and restaurants) remaining from the old mining days.

Today, it is an abandoned place (the last resident who lived here was in the early 1970s). Thiorichia beach is also on the way to another major local landmark, the Mining Museum (at the Adamas port region).

As for the swimming experience per se, the shore has a lovely yellowish tint that gives the beach experience a one-of-a-kind taste.

Firopotamos Beach

A wonderful seaside spot fringed with a quaint fishing village featuring the typical cave-like Milos houses called sirmata, and a rocky landscape starring dramatic cliffs, an impressive chapel with spectacular artwork, and vantage viewing points.

Once on the beach, expect shallow and calm waters, trees surrounding the shore and sheltering the place from the winds, and an exciting aquatic world with sea caves and many more waiting to infatuate you.

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Other beaches worth exploring are:

  • Fyriplaka Beach (more organised, with sun beds, umbrellas, a beach bar, and beach chairs). Ideal for windsurfing and wind-powered water sports.
  • Tsigrado Beach is an exceptional option for activities like kayaking and SUP.
  • Achivadolimni Beach at Adamas bay is the longest shore on the island (around 1.5km long) and one of the most family-friendly ones also featuring a naturalists’ section.
  • Agia Kiriaki Beach is a partly organised, fine-sand coast on the south of the island.
  • Kastanas Beach, a scenic, colourful, and pebbled shore on the east of Milos consisting of many smaller bays, coves, and beaches.
  • – Also, Agios Ioannis Beach, Gerontas Beach, Parafragas Beach, Alogomadra Beach, Gerakas Beach and Plathiena Beach that will excite you with their unparalleled natural allure.

Best things to do during your Milos island holidays

Amidst all this amazing swirl of colors and tropical scenery that spreads below your feet, accenting endless hues of blue blending with unmatched whitewashed architecture and volcanic rocks painting the coast orange, pink, and red, a countless range of activities and experiences open up for you during your holidays at Milos, Greece.

Besides wandering through the rock formations, sea-eroded caves, emerald green waters, and pirate-stories-drenched shores, you will definitely be fascinated by the early Christian catacombs and the fabulous little fishing villages that adorn the coastline, such as Mandrakia, Emborios, and Klima.

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Around sunset, make sure you find your way to Milos’ Little Venice, a delightful hamlet once hosting the Milos port sitting right over the water with a total of around 35 cave structures that now serve as holiday homes. Or, perhaps, you may want to walk barefoot at the idyllic courtyard of Panagia Korfiatissa chapel and feel the warmth of the descending sun rejuvenate every molecule, just before it slips behind the horizon.

As for other sunset watching spots, you could certainly consider climbing up to the remains of the ancient castle (aka Kastro) or strolling along the Plaka area, the capital of the island, and let yourself get lost in its narrow alleys while passing by quaint cafes, lovely restaurants, and the Rodon Panagia catholic church as they are becoming tinted with fiery reds, warm oranges, and bright golden shades.

Want to see a replica of the life-size statue of Goddess Venus (Aphrodite)? Then the Archaeological Museum of Plaka is where you need to be.

What to eat during your Milos holidays

Other things to do that will fill you up with a unique sense of bliss and fulfillment is signing up for a Milos cooking class or one of the many Milos gastronomy tours. Some of the must-try dishes that will pamper your taste buds with exquisiteness are Ladenia (a pizza-like dough topped with capers, onions, tomatoes, and olives), dried aromatic tomatoes, the local cheeses, the Milos honey, Koufeto (a confection made from almonds, honey, and white pumpkin that’s combined as marmalade in croissants, or white bread or yoghurt), Karpousopita (a watermelon tart), and, of course, the world-renowned local wines that seduce with their distinct taste (due to the island’s volcanic soils).

Milos vs Santorini

There is really no comparison between the two. Although both belong to the Cyclades complex and cut visitors’ breath with their volcanic appeal, each offers a different travel experience and approach. Santorini is more cosmopolitan and vibrant, while your Milos holidays will be more laid-back, relaxed, and peaceful.

This does not mean that you can’t turn your Milos Island holidays into the adventure of a lifetime. Indeed, there are several Milos tours to join and start a new venture every single day, from sailing to nearby Kimolos to fine dining at Plaka and canoeing. And, with the abundance of available Milos holiday packages, chances are you will leave no stone unturned!

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Plan your Milos Holidays: How to get to Mylos

The iconic Greek island is easily accessible from Athens by both ferry (from Piraeus Port) and plane from the Eleftherios Venizelos National Airport (Milos only receives domestic flights). The flight lasts around 45 minutes while the ferry may take up to several hours, depending on the ferry company. You may also reach it from another Greek island, such as Santorini, Ios, Serifos, Paros, Crete, and Mykonos. However, it can even be visited as part of an island-hopping holiday package.


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