The regal Queen of the Cyclades, Santorini her majesty, is an elite and beloved destination in the Mediterranean. Indeed, thousands of visitors pay their tributes to her spectacular beauty, in hopes of getting as much as they can out of her uniqueness, exquisiteness, exclusivity, and bewilderness.

The iconic Greek island is home to adorable volcanic shores, impressive landscapes featuring rugged cliffs, mountain-top traditional villages, stunning whitewashed architecture, a superbly wide range of luxury services and facilities that grant every desire, and amazing sunsets as the sun glides behind the archipelago.

plan a trip to Santorini Greece

So, yes, planning a trip to Santorini, Greece, in 2024 most likely feels like a dream fulfilment! Luckily, you have plenty of Santorini vacation packages in 2024 to choose from. Below is an illustrative guide to help you get an idea of what awaits on the other end of that flight!

What to do during your Santorini holidays in 2024

1. Get lost in the grandeur of the Caldera

An overwhelming amount of Santorini vacation packages in 2024 include visits to the infamous Caldera, the legendary volcano that almost wiped the entire island from the face of the earth during one of its more-than-a-dozen explosive eruptions. Look forward to a warm welcome from imposing volcanic cliffs overlooking the vastness of the shimmering Aegean Sea, the edges of whom are adorned with scenic, traditional villages with iconic whitewashed architecture and blue-domed chapels gazing at the cloudless Mediterranean sky and the cobalt sea. Do take up the challenge and climb all the way to the top, only to be swept away by the most arresting and heart-stopping sunset views as the sun puts on a unique light show in front of your eyes every single day.

Swim in volcanic shores

Besides exploring the Caldera, your Santorini holidays in 2024 should definitely have a different taste of uniqueness, which paints your beach endeavours. Fringed with beautiful volcanic shores, featuring rugged white rock formations and black, white or red lava pebbles, the coastline offers a plethora of mind-blowing activities, be it above or below the surface of the water. From swimming in crystalline waters and snorkelling to fishing, diving deep into stunning aquatic volcanic caves, kayaking, windsurfing, jet-skiing, and so many more, you will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to your beachside ventures.

Discovering the mystic allure of Akrotiri

Straying a bit further from the sea and moving toward inland, Santorini excites with the ancient Akrotiri settlement, which is believed to have been the cradle of an advanced civilisation and futuristic technologies prior to the massive volcanic eruption that buried everything under tons of lava and ash. In fact, the people living here have been associated with the Atlantians (of the popular Lost Atlantis legend). Today, you can make your visit to Akrotiri part of a wonderful wine-tasting tour, as the popular attraction sits very close to some of the most famous local wineries, whose wines are globally acclaimed and multi-awarded.

Diving into the local gastronomy

Let’s not forget the lip-smacking local cuisine that can be enjoyed through the several family-run tavernas and gourmet restaurants across the island that give their own spin on traditional Santorini flavours. If spoiling your palate with delicious dishes is a prerequisite for dreamy holidays to Santorini in 2024, then you should certainly try:

  • – Ntomatokeftedes (tomato fritters from a specific cherry-sized variety of local tomatoes)
  • – Fava (yellow split-pea puree)
  • – Apochti (pork loin jetty seasoned with vinegar and pepper)
  • – Melitzanosalata (spread made from a special Santorini white aubergine variety)
  • – Chlorotyri (creamy goat milk cheese), and
  • – Saganaki (fried cheese with a gooey melted inside that is drizzled with honey).

As for those with a sweet tooth, the mouth-watering effect of Melitinia (small cheese pies made with mastic powder and sugar) and Kopania (barley risks mixed with sesame seeds and raisins) could be just a tad more powerful than you might expect!

Best Santorini beaches to visit

One thing is certain about Santorini’s shores – they are a far cry from the idyllic stretches of fine sand you see elsewhere in Greece. However, this is precisely their unbeatable wow factor and appeal as they enchant with a natural setting, breath-taking views, and volcanic sand that makes them a category on their own; something remotely close to “just another sugary beach”.

Most beaches are on the south-east and east side of the island and an easy drive from the capital city of Fira. The closest one to Fira is Kamari Beach, the most family-friendly (and also crowded) option with several beach clubs, plenty of umbrellas and beach chairs, and even a mini-golf course and open-air cinema a bit further down the shore. It is served by regular bus service and is separated from another popular shore, Perissa Beach, by Mesa Vouno, an impressive hill starring in most Santorini pictures (also great option for hiking enthusiasts).

Santorini Vacation Greece

Besides Kamari and Perissa beaches, also worth your time are black-sand Perivolos Beach (a continuation of Perissa Beach), an upscale option with slightly finer sand and great beach resorts, restaurants, and bars, and Red Beach, with a pebbly red-hued sand and a spectacular backdrop, also accessible via water taxi or boat. As for even more kid-friendly coasts, Monolithos is probably ideal. Sitting a few kilometres north of Kamari Beach, it dazzles with its peacefulness, nice sand, kitesurfing school, and shallow waters.

Finally, Ammoudi Bay and Vlychada Beach are both exceptional options if you are in search of the best swimming spot and one of the most unusual shores on the island, respectively. In the latter case, expect a semi-organised beach with a moon-like landscape, coarse black sand and volcanic cliffs towering behind the beach, shaped by the sea, sand, and wind over thousands of years.

Looking for the island’s best-kept secret? That would be Caldera Beach, which is an inviting mix of sand, black, volcanic pebbles and untouched beauty that offers jaw-dropping views of the Caldera. No holidays to Santorini, Greece in 2024 can be considered an all-around experience without laying eyes on some of these beaches for sure.

plan a trip to Santorini Greece

Best Santorini Tours – Best Santorini Vacation packages

Depending on the Santorini vacation packages in 2024 you are considering, you may have the chance to enjoy a sailing tour around the top local landmarks, including the Caldera, or a cruise that involves stops at nearby Cyclades islands, such as Mykonos, Tinos, Paros, or another island. Cooking classes, wine-making and wine-tasting endeavours, walking tours to the island’s ancient paths and sights, and visits to museums are also on the menu.

The same applies to helicopter rides over the adorable Queen of the Cyclades, as well as kayaking, snorkelling, and other water-related tours, and adventures. Truth be told, there is no cap or limitation as to what you can experience during your Santorini holidays in 2024. Simply let the dream unfold. And then live it to the bone.

Santorini Vacation pacakges Greece

Of course, you can search through the Internet and find a bunch of information about all these islands, but we are here to help you have it all organized and create your summer experience by crafting your own unique customized travel package.

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