If one were to be assigned the most challenging task, that would be to pick only a handful of Greek locations to create a 2023 guide with the most optimal trips to Greece.

Besides the countless destinations that cause pure infatuation feelings in Greece, though, the five trips to Greece in 2024 listed below will undoubtedly help write your vacation pages with indelible ink.

1. Lefkada – An island feel with turquoise waters and powdery shores

Enchanting guests with its stunning coastline, Lefkada is a fantastic mix, no matter the experience you are after.

Adorned with traditional Greek villages embellishing its hill sides and mainland, it is also ideal for nature lovers. History buffs, and visitors seeking relaxed and peaceful escapes from the hurried lifestyle of the busy cities can also choose this island for their trip to Greece.

While here, feel free to explore the laced shores, especially the infamous Porto Katsiki beach. Once there, expect to be mind-blown by the ravishing landscape, as you descent a few steps and are suddenly struck by steep, pure white cliffs and heart-stopping seascapes.

plan a trip to Greece Lefkada island

Want to inject more nature-related adventure to your days at Lefkada? We strongly suggest driving (or hiking) to Nydri Waterfalls and take in unmatched beauty, starring olive groves, citrus trees, verdant lands, and lush greenery, before you reach the 12-metre-high waterfall (around 40 feet) and dip your toes in its refreshing waters.

Or you could head to the charming Sivota village and wander through its scenic streets. As for adrenaline-seekers, Lefkada offers a plethora of active sports, including windsurfing.

Plus, an exciting local cuisine distinguished by dishes like maridopita (whitebait pie), bourdeto (scorpionfish with cayenne pepper, sweet pepper, onions, and garlic), frygadeli (seasoned lamb or goat liver wraps) and many more!

2. Crete – An exotic and hypnotic mega-island

Almost all holiday packages and trips to Greece in 2024 include Crete in their travel itineraries.

Can’t blame them. The largest of all Greek islands lays the table for uncountable experiences, while also promising gastronomic explosions.

No matter the type of traveler you are, you will find your match in Crete for sure. From hiking through stunning landscapes to driving past picturesque valleys, imposing mountains, and amazing gorges, to diving into the allure of its coastal towns (see Loutro and Agios Nikolaos), visiting museums, admiring the local art and culture, and enjoying life in the larger cities (see Heraklion, Rethymno, and Chania), Crete has you covered.

Its beaches are among the finest in Greece, enticing with their uniqueness and exotic ambiance. Elafonisi Beach, Stavros Beach, and Preveli Palm Beach are just three of the must-visit ones for experiences that will capture your heart for eternity.

plan a trip to Greec Crete

Or you may also rent a boat or join a sailing cruise along the southern shores.

A vibrant nightlife, an animated party scene, delicious cuisine, awarded local wines, honey, and olive oil, all come together to offer you the most memorable holidays. And, let’s not forget Knossos (acclaimed to be the oldest city in Europe) and its impressive historic ruins and artifacts that narrate Crete’s rich past in the most colorful way.

3. Kefalonia – An Ionian Sea princess with hidden treasures

If your trips to Greece in 2024 must have pinches of tropical and traditional in equal proportions, then Kefalonia is a fabulous pick.

Most visitors come to the idyllic island for its natural terrain, especially Melissani Lake, which is featured in most Kefalonia pictures and Instagram posts. The truth is that the natural beauty you will see once up close of the lake will be a far cry from what you have seen on pictures. Admittedly, Melissani Lake (once a cave whose roof collapsed some 5,000 years ago) feels as if it has jumped out of a fairy tale. While there, you can enjoy a tranquil rowing or boating experience (usually departing from Argostoli, the capital of the island) and give yourself time to adjust to the the surrounding wonders.

Another pole of attraction in Kefalonia is Myrtos Beach, featuring dramatic views and breathtaking scenery dotted with cliffs, mountains, and emerald-green waters.

Asos, a quaint city lying near Myrtos Beach is a popular spot for hiking enthusiasts and people that would love to explore the local architecture. Bougainvillea-filled balconies and back yards adorn the lovely houses, which give way to alleys lined with cafes and restaurants ready to introduce visitors to lip-smacking gastronomy.

plan a trip to Greece Kefalonia island

Before you go, make sure you make a stop by Agia Efthimia village to watch the most spectacular sunset. Take a private boat tour to neighboring Ithaca Island, or dive into the crystal-clear waters. Also, worth your time and energy are Fiscardo, the only city that has survived the catastrophic earthquake in 1953. It will give you a glimpse into how the island actually looked back in the day. From there, you may also take the ferry to Lefkada for one of the most enjoyable day trips to Greece in 2024.

Of course, a visit to Drogarati cave and George’s Castle are also fantastic stops to make, especially if you would love to spot a Caretta-Caretta tortoise or frisky domesticated goat along the way!

4. Santorini – The Queen of the Cyclades (and visitors’ hearts)

Coming forward with an entirely different landscape than that of the islands fringing the Ionian Sea, Santorini sits in the Cyclades island complex in the Aegean Sea and bewilders with its volcanic scenery.

The first thing you see as soon as you land on Santorini or reach the harbor is the jaw-dropping Caldera, the eye-catching volcanic cliff on top of which sit the infamous cave houses of Santorini (some of them are turned into elegant guest houses and luxury hotels) and some of its most iconic villages. Narrow, cobbled streets, blue-domed churches overlooking the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea, ancient ruins, castles, and whitewashed houses await to offer you a taste of the Santorini appeal.

Along the coast, one will find volcanic shores with black, red, or white volcanic sand or pebbles (see Red Beach, Perissa Beach, and Ammoudi Bay), the most azure waters, and breathtaking seascapes.

For the most arresting sunsets Santorini is so famous for, do consider heading to Oia, Imerovigli or Fira villages, or take a sunset sailing cruise for enhanced privacy. Alternatively, you can walk the Fira-Oia hike and catch magnetic views of the sun before it slides behind the horizon and the surrounding countryside.

Now, if your palate knows how to appreciate good wine, we recommend signing up for a wine-tasting and wine-making tour in Santorini. The local wines are internationally acclaimed and excite with their distinct taste that mainly comes from the volcanic soils.

plan a trip to Santorini Greece

As for history fans, a visit to the prehistoric Akrotiri settlement will gratify the explorer inside you, while enabling you to imagine how thriving the island used to be before a devastating earthquake almost wiped it out of the map.

It is not by accident that the Santorinians living on the island thousands of years ago were associated with the Atlantians (of the Lost Atlantis legend) due to their superbly advanced technologies.

5. Mykonos – Cosmopolitan and dream fulfilling

Perhaps the most popular Greek island for its utterly pampering and spoiling nature, which also caresses its visitors’ senses with utmost luxury, an unbeatable party vibe, and an atmosphere exuding grandeur and exclusivity.

At the same time, it is an iconic Greek island, paying tribute to Greek traditions. Sugar-cube, milky-white houses, picturesque chapels with beautiful bell towers, cobblestone streets, stunning beaches, crystalline waters, and a buzzing nightlife all characterise the Island of the Winds.

Also, ideal for water sports, especially those powered by wind (due to the refreshing northern Meltemi winds that blows almost non-stop), Mykonos surprises tourists with its 16th-century windmills (some are turned into museums) and the colorful Little Venice region. Lining the waterfront next to the Mykonos harbor, Little Venice offers heart-melting sunset views and more refined entertainment options.

plan a trip to Mykonos Greece

As for your beach experiences, there are tons of options to choose from, depending on what venture you are after – from relaxed and laid-back Ornos Beach to livelier and more organised Psarou Beach to party-mecca Super Paradise and Paraga Beach.

Other than that, Mykonos has a fantastic boutique shopping scene, tons of watersport facilities, and some of the most exquisite villas with world-class amenities that go beyond whatever you might have imagined.
Finally, Delos Island (a short 30-minute sailing trip from Mykonos) is a place that attracts thousands of visitors annually thanks to its pristine shores, strong spiritual energy, and ancient ruins of temples dedicated to ancient God Apollo and many more.


Of course, you can search through the Internet and find a bunch of information about all these islands, but we are here to help you have it all organized and create your summer experience by crafting your own unique customized travel package.

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