Besides gorgeous sugary shores, exotic islands with an incredible natural appeal, beautiful stretches of sand adorning fantastic seaside spots, and magnificent opportunities for water sports and activities that enable you to soak up the glorious Mediterranean sun and bask under the cloudless sky, Greece is also a tantalizing winter destination that opens visitors’ appetite.

Breathtaking landscapes feature towering mountains, blissful lakes, utopian forests, and a terrain full of unspoiled rivers and streams, peaceful waterfalls, pastoral valleys, and many more.

Plus, a rich winter food scene that is just as palate-pleasing as its summer version.

Whether a sports lover passionate about skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or even skydiving, a museum, nature, archaeology, picture aficionado, or a nightlife fan, spending winter in Greece is, hands down, one of the most exciting and soul-gratifying options.

Below are some of the most favorite destinations for winter in Greece!

Metsovo – A picturesque village in Greece with a ski resort

A popular winter location in Greece on the Pindus Mountain range in Epirus soaring from nearly 1,160 metres (around 3.806 feet) high. This traditional Greek village will greet you with authentic Greek architecture dating several centuries while inviting you to spend leisure moments at some of the many cafes within this region while laying eyes on heart-stopping vistas of the foggy scenery and pampering your taste buds with delicious local cuisine (do not leave without trying Metsovone cheese!).

As for those loving cruising down snowy slopes, there is a popular ski centre here to sharpen your skiing skills (or learn new tricks)!

metsovo - winter in Greece

Ioannina – A bonus destination near Metsovo

Ioannina is another must-see area during winter vacations in Greece, especially if you have decided to feel the unbeatable allure of Metsovo from up close. The scenic lake (dotted with plane trees and an inhabited island in the middle), the Byzantine castle, the many museums and archaeological sites within reach, and, of course, the mouth-watering gastronomy (you should taste the local pies) are a few of the things that will leave you mesmerized. From traditional Greek tavernas with a live Greek museum and a delightful city centre that feels as if it has jumped out of an 18th-century timeline to activities like mountain climbing and rafting, Ioannina has it all!

ioannina - winter in Greece

Kastoria – A dreamy city with an irresistible tune

If you feel drawn to places built around stunning lakes, then chances are you will find Kastoria in Macedonia, Greece, one of the most romantic cities you have visited.

Kastoria - winter in Greece

Offering an impressively long list of options and activities, it enthralls with its lake boating opportunities, bicycle-friendly terrain, walking-around-the-lake options, and an array of interesting museums and sites, including the Kastoria Folklore Museum, the Prehistoric Dispilio Settlement, and Dragon’s Cave. And, don’t think that your winter vacation in Greece won’t be accompanied by lip-smacking recipes, friendly locals, and a vibrant after-sunset entertainment scene. Kastoria is no exception!

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Arachova – A cosmopolitan, mountainous destination in Greece

Expect views that can leave you gasping for air the moment you reach your foot of Parnassos Mountain which is home to charming Arachova with its cozy atmosphere and romantic vibes. Combining luxury with tradition, Arachova in Greece is welcoming visitors with a wealth of amenities, including top-tier hotels, elegant restaurants, chic cafes, and narrow, cobbled streets lined with beautiful traditional Greek architecture and stone-built houses.

plan a trip to Greece in Winter

A much-visited destination among both the Greeks and people wishing to spend winter in Greece, it is particularly crowded and lively during the Christmas period. Overall, it is an exquisite place that provides you with the chance to familiarize yourself with Greek culture and history (simply visit the Delphi archaeological site for that) and, at the same time, have some fun at the Parnassos Ski Centre – be it to slide down the chalky white mountain or enjoy a hot cup of coffee or chocolate overlooking the most amazing panoramas.

Thessaloniki – Timeless beauty in Greece

While exploring your winter in Greece options, Thessaloniki should not be missed out on. Bringing (literally) hundreds of things to do the second-largest Greek city is a place that will capture your heart forever.

Thessaloniki - winter in Greece

Feel free to take a leisure stroll along the Nea Paralia (the boardwalk by Thermaikos Gulf) and unwind or take photos at the famous Umbrella sculpture, wander around the iconic White Tower, visit the well-known (for its finger-licking food) district of Ladadika with the beautiful cobblestone streets, the inspiring architecture and the adorable squares, have a coffee at OTE Tower and enjoy bird’s eye views of the city and the harbour, relish a drink or cocktail while sailing on a Greek pirate ship, visit the contemporary art museum (aka MOMus), admire the 4th-century Rotonda (once a temple dedicated to Zeus, now turned into a Christian temple) and its fantastic murals, and walk the idyllic Aristotelous Square that is a huge pole of attraction, especially around Christmas!

Before you leave, make sure you sample Terkenlis’ tsoureki (a sweet bread version with a ton of varieties) and bougatsa with crème if you have a sweet tooth! Last, but not least, the nightlife in Thessaloniki is precisely what you expect it to be – animated and bustling, satisfying every desire!

Athens – An all-time classic winter in Greece destination

The gorgeous Greek capital is thriving with luxury hotels, elegant bars and restaurants, numerous museums, and art galleries, including the signature New Acropolis Museum that features parts of the Parthenon Temple, and myriads of significant archaeological sites, such as the Parthenon.

Depending on the type of experience you seek, you can choose from walking through the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Hephaestus, and Attalos’ Stoa, have a serene stroll through the 1800s National Garden and its 15,000 ornamental plants and charming landscape (you may even feed the ducks on the lake within the premises!), share a glass of ouzo accompanying Greek souvlaki (or any other Greek taste, such as meatballs) with the locals at a family-run taverna, shop at the Monastiraki district, or even join one of the many tours and cooking classes available!

Thessaloniki - 2 days in Athens

Of course, it’s impossible to make a full list with the things you can do at Athens during a winter break in Greece. Neither is it easy to create a guide with the top winter in Greece destinations without going on for hundreds of pages! For example, places like Litochoro (at the foot of Mt. Olympus), Trikala and Volos (both in central Greece), Edessa (in Macedonia), and Karpenisi are also exceptional winter bases you could consider. Hopefully, you got a pretty good idea of the bottomless alternatives opening up in front of you!



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