Noble, humble, peaceful and, at the same time, vibrant, animated, and alluring, Zakynthos is, hands down, one of the most popular Greek island destinations in the magnificent Ionian Sea.

Welcoming visitors with sugary, white beaches, lush hills, iconic architecture, sea turtles, and some of the most arresting sunset views and seascapes ever seen by human eyes, majestic Zakynthos gives justice to every adjective or characterization given to it.

Also referred to by its Italian name, Zante, it can best be experienced through the numerous Zante tours and Zakynthos boat trips on offer, which open a door to a world that’s pure magic. Here is just a small taste of what is on the buffet for you!

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Why is Zakynthos worth visiting – Top Zakynthos tours

The southernmost Ionian Island that is also nicknamed the Flower of the East (Fiore di Levante) has innumerable ways to entice its guests. From visiting its pristine coastline, powdery shores, and its iconic Shipwreck to listening to the locals singing their cantatas, watching an amazing sunset from atop a hill, trying many different activities and water sports, and watching the endangered Caretta-Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs, a Zakynthos escape will certainly leave you with cherished, lifelong memories.

Is Zakynthos worth visiting? You can return to this question after allowing yourself to surrender to the island’s unparalleled beauty and hypnotism. Chances are you will find it completely unnecessary to ask then!

A stop by at a different beach every day

Feel free to pick one of the several Zakynthos tours that will take you across the most picturesque beaches, including Alykes, Vasilikos, Kalamaki, Argassi, Tsilivi, Gerakas, and Lagana shores, which have become the most beloved ones for the Italians, French, and British visiting the island annually. Most Zakynthos holiday packages offer soul-pleasing boat tours with traditional caiques that will also tour you around Marathonisi (Turtle Island) and the infamous Navagio (Shipwreck Beach) featuring the iconic vessel that adds even more appeal to the turquoise waters, white cliffs, and sandy setting.

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Kayaking Zakynthos Trips

These are an exceptional alternative option to boat trips, providing visitors with one-of-a-kind (and more intimate) experiences that allow them to appreciate the island’s extraordinary landmarks, such as the Blue Caves and the spectacular light show that takes place there. Sea kayaking or canoeing to the impressive Blue Caves is a unique venture as it will give you the rare opportunity to see an incredible array of colors, dive or snorkel into crystalline, iridescent, and inviting waters, and drop anchor to unforgettable swimming spots. This holiday endeavor might be a bit challenging, but a great way to have fun with friends or family. Most sea kayaking and canoeing Zante tours start from Agios Nikolaos and take you past the rocky northeastern shores and the little nooks along them, while waving at neighboring Kefalonia island.

Zante boat trips to the “Navagio”

Probably the most-photographed shipwreck in the entire Mediterranean, Navagio beach (aka The Shipwreck Beach) is the resting place of a cigarette-transporting ship that sank amidst the archipelago and washed ashore in 1983. Lying on the western side of the island, the Shipwreck is surrounded by the sand and looks as if its vestiges are emerging from it.

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Take a moment and open a spot on your travel itinerary to visit this stunning corner of Zakynthos and be prepared for a mind-blowing landscape starring crystalline, emerald, green waters radiating impossible tints of blue, white sand, and huge vertical white-rock cliffs encircling this key local attraction. Most Zakynthos trips to Navagio are conducted via water taxis or a small boat departing from Porto Vromi port and take around half an hour (to get to the beach).

Zante tours to the Marine Park

Zakynthos hosts the very first marine park in Greece. What is so special about the waters around the island? It is where a rare and endangered species of sea turtles (aka Caretta-Caretta) have chosen to lay their eggs for many decades, after making a long journey from the southern Adriatic and the Libyan Sea every spring. In fact, there is an entire island adjacent to Zante available to these lovely creatures called Marathonisi or Turtle Island! Besides Marathonisi, though, you may spot a Caretta-Caretta turtle in the sands of Kalamaki, Dafni, and Gerakas beaches. If you do, please show proper respect toward them and their nests and do not disturb them.

Other exceptional Zante tours

Some Zakynthos holiday packages go the extra mile and offer tourists ventures that include stops at vantage points across the island for panoramic views of the coastline and the sun just before it puts on its magnetic light show every evening. These could include the Laganas Bay, Argassi, the Bokhali harbour, and the Castle that once served as the capital of Zante during Venetian ruling.

A walking tour would also be fantastic as it will enable you to stroll through some adorable local architecture featuring cobbled alleys and fortress-like houses, admire authentic villages overlooking the bays and gulfs of Zante, such as Ano Gerakaki, Katastari, and Kambi, and join lively local festivals, including the Kantathes, which drives everybody on the streets of the island, singing in groups of 4 or 5 with a guitar and mandolin accompanying their stories, be it love-related or otherwise!

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Want to try something different? Why not sign up for a horse-riding and/or hiking tour and explore the wide range of trails and paths available on the island? Expect to pass by beautiful sights, including old monasteries, vineyards, olive groves, and fine-sand shores on your way to conquering the charms Zakynthos keeps dear to its heart for everybody to enjoy.

Just don’t leave your Zakynthos holidays at the last minute! Make sure you make your bookings early in advance, whether these involve accommodation, tours, or another aspect of your travel to avoid the long queues and perhaps even land on a great deal or price discount!


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