The Private Tour Of Knossos Minoan Palace


Private Tour for 4 adults (Lead Traveler Michael Klebuc)

What makes this tour unique


  • Explore the ancient palace, step into the royal residence and see the Minoan king’s throne
  • Be amazed by the House of the Frescoes and its colorful wall paintings
  • Learn everything from a local licensed guide
  • Interactive guiding with educational material
  • Learn about the Minoans and their every-day life
  • Analytic descriptions for the ancient history of Crete
  • Discover the secrets of the most ancient civilization in Europe




Follow us and explore the oldest city of Europe and the first organized human civilization. Discover the greatness of the ancient Minoans and walk around the old stone-paths of Knossos, the cradle of Minoan civilization.

The palace of Knossos, the center of Minoan civilization, was constituted the main force of the island’s population during the Bronze Age. Their civilization as well as the palace was destroyed at the explosion of the Santorini Volcano. The excavation conducted by Arthur Evans 1900-1913 and 1922-1930 brought to light the grand palace of Knossos, along with other great findings of immense importance concerning the culture and the life of the Minoans, which are as of yet kept at the archaeological museum of Heraklion.

Discover with us the Labyrinth and Palace of Knossos!

Date: August 3rd, 2022

Suggested Starting Time: 09:00 a.m.




What’s Included

  • Licensed and professional local guide
  • All taxes and fees
  • Whispers (when necessary)
  •  Bottled water per person


What’s Not included

  • Εntrance fees
  • Hotel pick up and drop of
  • Personal expenses (i.e. souvenirs etc.)
  • Meal